Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Group B: Carissa, Chelsea, JiaEn

a) Statement of Our Research Title
How certain secondary one students in SST might endanger their health with their choice of shoes.
b) Why It Is Focused
We have narrowed down our target audience, effectively decreasing its size.
c) Why It Is Significant
It is significant as all SST students wear shoes.
d) Why It Is Feasible/Manageable
It only requires us to collect data and research on the topic which is easy seeing as how we have access to a large range of information (books,internet). Also, as mentioned before, our target audience is small.
f) Why It Is Accessible
Our surveys will be posted online and we will invite people to take them so they would be able to access them easily.
g) Our Resources (research) (research) (survey) (survey)

Why we chose them...
We needed to research on the effects of different kinds of shoes on teenager's health. We also needed to collect information via. a survey to come to a conclusion to our project.

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